Provided humanitarian aid and support:
  1. Armed Forces of Ukraine
  2. State Border Guard Service
  3. Soldiers of the Ukrainian Army
  4. Affected citizens of Ukraine
Developed relationships with many units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard, and the State Border Guard Service.
  1. Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
  2. 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade "Cold Yar"
  3. 241st Separate Mechanized Brigade of Kyiv
  4. 112th Separate Mechanized Brigade of Kyiv
  5. VG A3018 National Guard of Ukraine
  6. State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (7th, 10th, 15th Border Guard Units
Cars remained the main priority of the fund
With the funds from charitable contributions and donations, 35 vehicles were purchased and transferred to the military. The total number of vehicles provided in 2023 amounts to 1530 units.

Additionally, along with the vehicles, tires, including mud tires, were transferred for dozens of automobiles.
FPV drones, DJI Mavic 3T, night vision devices
Through the charitable foundation, hundreds of FPV drones of various modifications, reconnaissance drones, and night vision devices were provided to units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was able to help in conditions of "shell hunger" and increased the effectiveness of performing combat tasks at night.
Generators, batteries and starlinks
Thanks to the charitable contributions of our partners and citizens from Europe and the USA, we were able to assist units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by transferring dozens of batteries and accumulators, as well as starters. This enabled them to have power supply and communication during the toughest times, when the Ukrainian energy infrastructure was under rocket attacks from Russia.
Assistance to the affected population of Ukraine and communities that were under occupation.
  1. Borodyanska community, Kyiv region
  2. Buchanska and Irpinska communities, Kyiv region
  3. Tarashchanska community, Kyiv region
  4. Liberated Kherson region
Assistance provided: batteries, generators, starters, sleeping bags, folding beds, mattresses, food, clothing, and medication
    Funded the creation of the Memorial to the Heroes of the 14th Separate Mechanized Brigade who gave their lives for the liberation of Kyiv region.
    Exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, and other fitness equipment.
    In collaboration with donors from Europe and the USA, equipment for the rehabilitation of servicemen and citizens of Ukraine affected by the consequences of Russian aggression was provided free of charge to Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 6.
    The second free delivery of equipment for Snake Island (State Hydrography).
    We continue to provide assistance in supplying navigation-hydrographic equipment and light optical devices for the State Institution "State Hydrography", which is an integral part of creating an effective Grain Corridor. In particular, this equipment is necessary to ensure unhindered and safe movement of grain vessels. Moreover, similar beacons were delivered to Snake Island on the next occasion.
    3D printers, laser cutter, metal armor (Civil Organization "Engineering Corps")
    Through charitable donations and contributions, in collaboration with the American charitable foundation "Zero Line" and the charitable foundation from Finland "Zero Line Finland", 5 units of 3D printers and a laser cutter were purchased and provided to the engineers of the Civil Organization "Engineering Corps". The mentioned 3D printers will enhance the production capabilities of the UAV workshop of the enterprise and increase the production of FPV drones by tens of times. The mentioned laser cutter and the metal armor provided by the Finnish donors will strengthen the production capacities of the repair workshop of the enterprise and increase the number of repaired military armored vehicles several times, as well as enable the expansion of production capacities for ground drones.
    Trench Radiological, Chemical, and Biological (RCB) Protection System for the 241st Armored Brigade Troop in Kyiv (Civil Organization "Engineering Corps")
    In fruitful collaboration with the American charitable foundation "Zero Line" and the Civil Organization "Engineering Corps," we funded and launched the development and production of a prototype Trench Radiological, Chemical, and Biological (RCB) Protection System.

    The main goal and objectives of the RCB protection system are to combat various types of enemy UAVs.
    Underwater drone for demining operations.
    Funded by charitable contributions and donations, we financed the purchase of an underwater drone for demining operations, which is managed by the Humanitarian Demining Unit (Engineering Laboratory of Underwater Devices) of the Central Naval Museum of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.
    Our new partners
    • 1
      Charitable organization "Charitable Fund "Second Life"
    • 2
      Charitable organization "Charitable Fund "Support for the 93rd Brigade"
    • 3
      Public organization "Engineering Corps"
    • 4
      Mark J Lindquist - US Air Force veteran, intelligence
    • 5
      Jake Statler - US Air Force veteran, Apache helicopter pilot
    • 6
      Austin Grey - US Navy veteran, carrier-based reconnaissance.
    • 7
      Wayne Pak - вUS Air Force veteran, Black Hawk helicopter pilot.
    • 8
      Evan Caldwell - US Air Force veteran, reconnaissance.
    Our partners
    • 1
      American charitable foundation «Zero Line»
    • 2
      Finnish charitable foundation «Zero Line Finland»
    • 3
      Irish public organization «Moral Fiber»
    • 4
      Medyk dla Zdrowia and its leader Dr. Stanislaw Mazur
    • 5
      German non-profit organization «Media in Cooperation and Transition»
    • 6
      Lithuanian charitable foundation «Jegavienybeje»
    • 7
      Finnish patrons Anndreas Wilkman and Anderson Brotherus
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