Charitable Foundation
Free in Spirit

Collecting funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Everyone willing can join and help. Each contribution saves the lives of our soldiers!

What we do:

Every hryvnia saves lives.
We independently find cars, inspect and clear them at 0% duty. We deliver them to the military and ensure they go where needed. We provide assistance to the affected population of Ukraine and communities that were under occupation.

We procure and deliver to hotspots:
FPV drones, DJI Mavic 3T, night vision devices, generators, batteries and lantern starters, accumulators, 3-D printers, laser cutters, metal armor, trench systems, equipment for rehabilitation, underwater drones for demining work.
    Report for the year 2023
    About the activities of the Charitable Organization "Free Spirit Charitable Fund"
    Report for the year 2022
    "the people should always protest against oppression and invoke the use of their ancient rights when they have the right time."
    Pylyp Orlyk

    Thanks to you, we have already received:
    Thank you for your trust. We are approaching victory together!
    To help
    To provide charitable assistance, read the code or press the button or Privat Bank details:
    Account number: UA363052990000026009026222327
    Recipient code: 44683307

    Our partners

    To join the partnership, please contact us.
    Jega Vienybeje
    Ne pelno siekianti organizacija labdaros ir paramos fondas "Jėga - vienybėje"
    Zero Line, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is a team of Ukranians, Americans and Europeans with private sector, philanthropic, military and academic backrounds working together to help make front line workers more effective and more survivable.
    Medyk dla Zdrowia та її керівник Dr. Stanislaw Mazur
    Mira Ukraine ✓ official importer of certified products under the Mira brand (Denmark) ☝ adhesives, repair compounds, joint fillers, spackling...
    Comprehensive assistance to Ukrainian war veterans and their families in treating psychological disorders related to military operations (PTSD), with subsequent adaptation to civilian life after returning from the front.
    Our new partners
    • 1
      Charitable organization "Charitable Fund "Second Life"
    • 2
      Charitable organization "Charitable Fund "Support for the 93rd Brigade"
    • 3
      Public organization "Engineering Corps"
    • 4
      Mark J Lindquist - US Air Force veteran, intelligence
    • 5
      Jake Statler - US Air Force veteran, Apache helicopter pilot
    • 6
      Austin Grey - US Navy veteran, carrier-based reconnaissance.
    • 7
      Wayne Pak - вUS Air Force veteran, Black Hawk helicopter pilot.
    • 8
      Evan Caldwell - US Air Force veteran, reconnaissance.
    Perеyаslav city,
    Bohdana Khmelnytskoho street 51, office 1
    +38 093 852 90 59